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Don't you agree that there are some things in life that take hold of you and just
don't let go?
Well that's how we feel about the items we collect. They have so much history,  
a story of an old soul.
It all started with our fascination of the Cape and especially Provincetown.    
This interest inspired us to
research history, retrace the steps of the Pilgrims 
and celebrate the great foundation of our country. 

We encourage you to journey through our Web Gallery featuring many
unusual and rare items. 
We hope you find what you're looking for. 
Please join Provincetown Antiques in celebrating our love for Cape Cod and the history of our Pilgrim ancestors.
We have a varied collection of antiques awaiting your visit!
The Rule of Antiques...
You find it...
You like it...
You buy it!

Antiques Are Green.

Each of us and everything we own, has a story. 

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