About Us

A wise woman once said,
“With every door that closes, a window opens”.

 Welcome to our new home.

After 10 years of having the privilege of a brick and mortar store in Provincetown, MA, we’ve arrived on the Web. We now have the opportunity to share our finds with new customers, and of course, stay in touch with all of the wonderful people we’ve met through our Cape Cod journey.
As many of our customers said, "We'll be back",  they were and we are too.

To all of our friends, customers and patrons who supported our efforts in our store, we extend an eternal and heartfelt "THANK YOU” for the opportunity you gave us. We truly are blessed to have journeyed down that path in the sand.

"Cape Cod, Our Home!"

*The first to honour the Pilgrim's ship, the first to receive the Pilgrim's feet-she is the first and the last always- the dearest memory of her children everywhere*

Henry Crocker Esq., 1851


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